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If you attended CosDoc2022, please take a few minutes to complete the feedback survey and let us know about your experience at the conference and what can be improved for our future events.

If you attended CosDoc2021, please take a few minutes to complete the feedback survey and let us know about your experience at the conference and what can be improved for CosDoc2022. We look forward to reading your 2022 wish-lists!


Call for Abstracts

Dr Scott Allison (Secretary), Dr Edwina Morgan, Dr Ricky Sia (Member Representative) and Dr David Kosenko (President),
as this years’ CosDoc Planning Committee, cordially invite you to submit an abstract
for the College’s annual online aesthetic medical conference, CosDoc2023.

If you have a topic of discussion that can shed new light on our profession, spark conversation, or offer a new way of delivering results safely, then please send in your proposal.

Presentations and discussions will be selected to suit all levels of experience.


Proud to be presenting our speakers for CosDoc2023!

11.4 Speaker Images - Dr Ronald Feiner - 500 x 500 px

Dr Ronald Feiner

Client Becomes Patient in the Transit of Spa to Infirmary

11.2 Speaker Images - Dr Isabella Sillar - 500 x 500 px

Dr Isabella Sillar

The benefits to integrating assessment and management of age related hormone changes in women seeking minimally invasive aesthetic procedures: a case report

11.1 Speaker Images - Dr David Kosenko - 500 x 500 px

Dr David Kosenko

1) Changes in Guidelines for Cosmetic Physicians

2) Changes to the Advertising Guidelines for Cosmetic Physicians

3) Combination HIFU / RF Microneedling treatment for tightening and texture

11.7 Speaker Images - Dr Toni Pikoos - 500 x 500 px

Dr Toni Pikoos

Psychology and Aesthetics: The Key Ingredients to Patient Satisfaction

11.3 Speaker Images - Dr Herbert Hooi - 500 x 500 px

Dr Herbert Hooi

Brow Lifting with PDO Threads

11.6 Speaker Images - Dr Mary Dingley - 500 x 500 px

Dr Mary Dingley

ASCEND – Botulinum Toxin Consensus

11.5 Speaker Images - Dr Woo Tan - 500 x 500 px

Dr Woo Tan

Tear Trough and Eye Bags Treatment with HA Dermal Filler-A multilayer approach

11.13a Speaker Images - Dr Keturah Hoffman - 500 x 500 px

Dr Keturah Hoffman

Panel Discussion – Australia’s First Accreditation Qualification in Cosmetic Medicine

11.8 Speaker Images - Dr Scott Allison - 500 x 500 px

Dr Scott Allison

Jawline Enhancement Using Juvederm Volux

11.9 Speaker Images - Dr Lisa Byrom - 500 x 500 px

Dr Lisa Byrom

A Review of Topical Treatments for Acne

11.10 Speaker Images - Dr Christopher Leat - 500 x 500 px

Dr Christopher Leat

Autologous progenitor cell micrografting transplants for male and female pattern alopecia and for dermal hypopigmnetation, my personal experience

11.12 Speaker Images - Dr Jenny Kimmins - 500 x 500 px

Dr Jenny Kimmins

Addressing Skin affected by Menopause with New Bioremodeling Hybrid HA Complex Injectable and Emepelle®

11.13b Speaker Images - Dr Michael Molton - 500 x 500 px

Dr Michael Molton

Panel Discussion – Australia’s First Accreditation Qualification in Cosmetic Medicine

11.13c Speaker Images - Ms April Jorgensen - 500 x 500 px

Ms April Jorgensen

Panel Discussion – Australia’s First Accreditation Qualification in Cosmetic Medicine

11.11 Speaker Images - Dr Amy Chahal - 500 x 500 px

Dr Amy Chahal

Chin filler: A game changer for facial harmonisation

11.14 Speaker Images - Dr Gavin Chan - 500 x 500 px

Dr Gavin Chan

Good Practices in Cosmetic Advertising

11.15 Speaker Images - Dr Yalda Jamali - 500 x 500 px

Dr Yalda Jamali

Merz Belotero Range – focus on non-surgical profiloplasty using Belotero Intense

11.16 Speaker Images – Mr Drew Hankin - 500 x 500 px

Mr Drew Hankin

Common denominators of the most successful clinics in Australia

11.17 Mr Mike Clague (website)

Mr Mike Clague

Insulin-Grow My Clinical Skills in Medical Aesthetics

11.18 Speaker Images – Dr Edwina Morgan - 500 x 500 px

Dr Edwina Morgan

Showcase of AART & HIT – How to optimise the Galderma Portfolio

11.19 Speaker Images – Mrs Mary-Louise Condon - 500 x 500 px

Mrs Mary-Louise Condon

Current Biohacking Trends for the body to achieve Flawless Skin. Beauty starts from the Inside.

11.20 Speaker Images – Ms Bronwyn Granata - 500 x 500 px

Ms Bronwyn Granata

AMET DATA AEs in Aesthetic Medicine

11.22 Speaker Images – Dr Steven Liew - 500 x 500 px

Dr Steven Liew

Precision in Botulinum toxin application based on anatomy. My learning todate.

11.21 Speaker Images – Dr Ian Holton - 500 x 500 px

Dr Ian Holton



Are you a Cosmetic Physician, Medical Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Dermal Therapist?
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CosDoc Committee
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Dr Scott Allison

Driven by a passion to empower others, Dr Scott Allison is committed to finding new and innovative non-invasive treatments to help clients achieve their aesthetic goals. He is a Fellow of both the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia and the Royal College of General Practitioners, and he is a trainer in cosmetic injectables with Allergan Aesthetics. He is also a Medical Officer Reservist in the Australian Army and a Senior Lecturer for UQ School of Medicine. Dr. Allison is passionate about finding new and interesting ways of teaching safer injecting and facial anatomy to clinicians.

6x4 - Photo - Dr Sia

Dr Ricky Sia

Dr Ricky Sia is very passionate about advancing the calibre of Cosmetic Medicine in Australia and values lifelong learning, regularly attending expert workshops to continue his professional development. He works primarily in advanced facial rejuvenation especially with injectable treatments, and he enjoys teaching and sharing of clinical pearls. Dr Sia is a trainer for MINT threadlift and has recently joined the teaching taskforce of Merz Aesthetics to train cosmetic injectors in ethical administration of cosmetic injectables.


Dr Edwina Morgan

Dr Edwina Morgan has shaped a multi-faceted career in medicine that’s synonymous with accompanying her patients on some of the most transformative and intimate journeys in their life. Dr Edwina began her career in obstetrics and gynaecology, and subsequently became increasingly fascinated with cosmetic medicine. Dr Edwina has advanced to become a national Key Opinion Leader and Lead Trainer for Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, and a lead trainer in advanced injectable techniques for Galderma. Dr Edwina’s ultimate goal is to treat and provide for her patient’s cosmetic needs in their entirety; she commits a great deal of planning and passion, and ultimately enhances the comprehensive toolkit of solutions for her patients.

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