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Face to face consultation

The physical examination of a patient was always meant to be ‘to lay hands upon the patient’. Touch, feel, see, and hear is what a physical examination is all about. The CPCA believes that Best Practice in cosmetic medicine involves an in-person, face-to-face consultation with the doctor who is responsible for your care.

Your first visit

Like general medicine, when you find the right person, the therapeutic relationship between cosmetic physician is usually a lasting one.

It is quite likely that your first visit with your cosmetic physician may not be your last. Cosmetic procedures are not usually a ‘one-off’. Like general medicine, you will probably be looking for someone who understands where you are coming from, what concerns you the most and how to manage, over time, looking better but not different.


Like general medicine, when you find the right person, the therapeutic relationship between a cosmetic physician is usually a lasting one. It follows that your cosmetic physician will need to know a few things about what you seek to achieve, your general health, any relevant information about medications and the like.

The consultation

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Do not be surprised that the first visit may be quite comprehensive. This is not a six minute consultation with a bulk billing general practice. Feel free to ask questions, about the procedures, about the doctor’s experience. You are entitled to as much knowledge as is needed before any procedure, and that includes any potential risks involved, sensations, appearance immediately after treatment, and after care.


A CPCA doctor should provide all this, and provide printed information too. Costs of procedures are important. Be objective about the amount of money you may spend, especially if the costs of procedures is likely to put strains on your home budget. Make sure that your expectations are reasonable about what type of outcome is likely.

On the day

Always allow time for procedures to settle. Be aware of any potential ‘downtime’ after the procedure. Always follow the preparation instructions prior to your procedure such as avoiding alcohol, or avoiding excess exposure to sunlight.

After the procedure

Some procedures, like facial laser treatments, may require special instructions to follow for normal recovery. Your CPCA doctor will provide you with written after care instructions and you should be provided contact details if you require assistance after some procedures. Your CPCA doctor will often wish to review you a few days after your procedure to evaluate your recovery and results.

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