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How to Apply

Before completing the online application form you are required to read the membership information booklet. This booklet contains copies of the college’s policies and guidelines and a link to the college constitution, which you must abide by to become and remain a member of the College. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office at

Please allow up to 20 minutes to complete the form. You will not have the option to “save” half way through.

    To help you to prepare, the information requested via online application form is;
  • Personal details, residential & postal addresses, contact details; telephone, email, website, etc.,
  • Principal place of practise (where applicable),
  • Current university/university of graduation, country, year of graduation, qualifications,
  • Current medical registration details,
  • Current memberships of industry related associations, societies, etc.,
  • References (confirmation of training & education to date, cosmetic medical experience to date, etc.),
  • An indication of the cosmetic medical procedures you have performed or currently perform (via tick box) with an indication of your level of experience and expertise (via 0 to 10 rating),
  • Information relating to any articles written and published in journal publications (specific to cosmetic medicine), participation in teaching and mentoring others and presentations given,
  • Medical indemnity Insurance cover,
  • Declaration by the applicant.


Special Offer – Expires 30/06/2020: Application Fee waived.

Payment of the $250 application fee must be received before your application is assessed. This payment is non-refundable. Please review this important Delivery Policy.

Electronic funds transfer to the College bank account, you must include a copy of the bank payment confirmation receipt along with the below documentation or email it to


Credit card payment with Mastercard or Visa, by calling the office on (08) 9300 2414

All fees are subject to GST unless you are based overseas.

Membership fees are

Corresponding Member $750 + GST
Full $2000 + GST
Fellow $2000 + GST


We recommend you have the following documentation (PDF) ready for uploading before commencing the completion of this online application form:

Recent head & shoulders photograph (not for publication. Please do not go to any expense). JPEG or JPG 200kb max
Copy of passport, including the photo JPEG or JPG 200kb max
Copy of Curriculum Vitae PDF 100 – 200kb average
Evidence of medical & surgical training or if a student; confirmation of university enrolment PDF 100 – 200kb average
Copy of current medical registration certificate or annual practising certificate PDF 100 – 200kb average
Written references (where contact details not provided) PDF 100 – 200kb average
Certification of memberships with other colleges, associations & societies, etc PDF 100 – 200kb average
Copy of medical indemnity fund membership (showing level of cover. Details may be checked to ensure all our members have adequate cover) PDF 100 – 200kb average
Copy of bank receipt from electronic funds transfer (if not paying via credit card) PDF 100 – 200kb average