Refund and Returns Policy

The college does not provide products that can be returned.

Refund Policy

In the event of an accidental overpayment a full refund will be issued. Please follow the instructions below. There will be no time restrictions applied to your notifying the office of your error. Please allow the office up to fourteen (14) days to confirm your overpayment and issue the refund. The payment will be made according to terms 1 to 3 below.

After a submission of an application for membership, you feel the need to withdraw said application, you must do so in writing. Please state your reason for revoking the application.

Notice of intention to withdraw application must be received at the administration office within fourteen (14) days of date of submission for a full refund to be approved.

All refunds are to be at the discretion of the College. If the application for membership has been processed by the College then the College reserves the right to charge an administration fee out of the application fee or prior to refund.

Annual membership part refunds
In the event of member retirement from medical practice due to disability or death, the college may at its discretion make a partial refund of current year annual fees on request in writing with reason for discontinuation stated.

Where to send the notice:

The Membership Review Committee
Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia Ltd
Winton Professional Suites
Suite 1, Unit 4, 48 Winton Road

Email to:

Fax to: (08) 9300 2414

The date of submission will deemed to be
  • In the case of online submission via the CPCA website facility: The date of the submission as captured by this facility
  • In the case of a faxed submission: The date as recorded on the received and printed document
  • In the case of a mailed or delivered (Australia Post or courier) submission: The date the item was received or delivered to the office of administration.
On refund approval, the payment will be processed according to the below terms
  • If the original payment was paid by cheque or direct credit to the CPCA bank account, then the refund must made payable to same payer and be paid into the same bank account from which the payment originated*.
  • If the application fee was paid via credit card then the refund can only be processed back to that same credit card from which the payment originated*.
  • * You will be required to provide proof of payment method as some payment specific details (i.e. credit card numbers) are not captured and stored.

Please allow the office up to fourteen (14) days to confirm your payment and issue the refund.