Delivery Policy

New Membership Application Processing

Stage 1

Please allow 14 days for receipt of your application to be acknowledged by our administration office. This includes checking all requested documentation has been supplied, the processing of application fee payment, and the issuing of paid tax invoice and cash receipt. Your medical indemnity will be checked during this period, so please ensure you have the correct level of cover and have provided the information we need. Not providing the correct information or not having the correct level of cover for the procedures you conduct will delay the processing of your application.

Stage 2

If your application is complete and you have provided enough correct information, your application will be presented to the Membership Review Committee (MRC).

Please allow up to 45 days for the committee to assess your application. You will be advised of the committee’s deliberation via email, with further confirmation by post. The MRC decision is final.

Applicable to initial grandfathering program: For those who do not receive fellowship on grandfathering, there will be educational pathways for you to follow to achieve fellowship status.

Stage 3

All successful applicants will be invited to a convocation ceremony/celebration.

Inaugural year: The convocation ceremony will take place in Sydney at the Intercontinental Hotel, on the 29th August, 2015. The inaugural AGM (including Board/Council elections) will also take place on this day.