Who we are

CPCA-certified doctors
are highly qualified,
experienced and ethical

Who we are

The doctors of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in Australia when it comes to cosmetic medicine procedures. Basically, the unique combination of art and science has to be running in the veins before our doctors begin training with the College, because Cosmetic Medicine is hands-on, and that means physical + mental skills.

Many of our doctors have had more than twenty years’ experience in cosmetic medicine and have seen literally thousands of cosmetic medical patients. Patients from all backgrounds, young and old, shapes and sizes. We understand the pressures of the aging process and a multitude of other motivations, of why patients seek our help. We listen. We hear you.

Why choose a
CPCA-Certified Doctor?

Unlike doctors who choose to continue education in the public hospital system to become Specialists, such as Anaesthetists, General Surgeons, ENT Surgeons or Plastic Surgeons, CPCA doctors will have graduated from experiences in general medicine in private practice.

This is very important, because a background in general medicine involves maintaining a long term therapeutic relationship between patient and doctor. Some patients will visit two or three times a year for anti-wrinkle injections, some will come once a year for assessment of the aging process and consideration of treatments with energy-based devices. Some will come every two years or so, for dermal fillers. Rarely do they come once.

Our patients continue to come knowing, that apart from knowledge and experience, we advise and manage risk to maximise patient safety. They come because in the unlikely event of a complication, and complications can occur just by themselves in medicine, we have protocols to treat promptly and as effectively as possible.

World class standards require world
class CPCA qualified doctors

Meet the CPCA board

CPCA is managed by a governing Board, made up of highly experienced Cosmetic doctors. The Board’s primary role is to uphold the highest standards and advance the field of cosmetic treatments.