What we stand for

CPCA-certified doctors
are highly qualified,
experienced and ethical

What do we stand for?

CPCA stands for the principles and ethics of the practice of Medicine. The Medical Model, preserved for centuries, puts the patient’s interest first. Always has, always will. The good doctor is not a sales-person, and you are not a ‘client’ to be ‘sold to’.

The Medical Model is what all good doctors follow. The good doctor listens and then performs a relevant physical examination. Only then can a good doctor provide the patient with a professional opinion on what process might benefit the patient, what the patient will experience and what known risks might be involved, and costs. And when it comes to performing procedures, experience and knowledge is what counts in the end.


Our focus is entirely committed to Best Practice in looking after the patient, in every aspect.


We put you first. It’s medicine. Cosmetic Medicine.

World class standards require world
class CPCA qualified doctors