Top Emerging Aesthetic Trends in 2019 and Beyond

Top Emerging Aesthetic Trends in 2019 and Beyond

The world of cosmetic medicine is changing and so are the preferences of patients.

Cosmetic medicine is not what it used to be. Not only is there a much wider selection of advanced treatments to choose from but patient age groups have expanded too.

Where cosmetic treatments were once associated with older age groups, today’s patients are realising just how beneficial preventative treatments can be, which is why patients tend to start looking into cosmetic medicine from their mid to late-20s.

Unsurprisingly, whenever genuine, researched and tested devices become available, cheap copies appear, some of which can damage the skin permanently. Be sure to check the device being used is genuine, tried and true.

The Changing Needs of Modern Patients

The changing demands of modern patients mean cosmetic clinics have had to adapt their offering and their approach to cosmetic medicine to cater to these needs.

Natural Results

Gone are the days when large lips and frozen faces were the norm. Today’s patients are all for achieving the most natural results possible. Basically, patients still want to look like themselves, only better. In most cases, patients are requesting subtle enhancements that will simply turn back the clock so that they can keep looking like the best version of themselves.

Combination Treatments

Countless patients are realising how impressive their results can be when they combine treatments instead of using just one. Most of today’s cosmetic clinics are creating tailored treatment plans that combine several procedures and are suited to each patient’s aesthetic goals. More often than not, a patient has the opportunity to experience faster, more effective results by combining different treatments, which is why combination treatments are becoming the norm.

Preventative Treatments

Patients seeking cosmetic treatments are much younger than they used to because of the benefits associated with preventative procedures. Why spend additional money later on when you can maintain a smooth, radiant appearance right from the start with the appropriate preventative treatments. Preventative treatments work to enhance and boost the body’s natural processes in order to slow down the ageing process.

A Look at Today’s Top Cosmetic Procedures

Here are a few of the treatments that have grown in popularity over the last year.

Body Contouring

Coolsculpting is the number one body sculpting process worldwide with millions of procedures performed around the world. Gone are the days of liposculpture, and liposuction. Coolsculpting, which works by natural means called apoptosis, can be used virtually anywhere there are stubborn areas of fat that won’t go despite diet and exercise, abdomen, flanks, chin, arms, legs, back fat, the list goes on. Look for the genuine device though.

Jaw and Chin Contouring

Radio frequency/ultrasound devices like the Exilis Elite Protégé help recreate the natural feminine jawline. In terms of a patient’s chin, dermal fillers can be used to improve proportion and profile of the lower face. In the case of a patient wanting to soften their chin, muscle relaxant injections can be used to achieve this result.

Fraxel re:store

When it comes to facial rejuvenation, the Fraxel re:store is unique and is often a cornerstone of an integrated program, or simply used as a stand-alone procedure. What makes Fraxel re:store unique? The secret is in the technology, and no other laser comes close when it comes to smoother, fresher, brighter, more youthful complexion and firmer skin. Best of all, for the most part, no down time. Fraxel re:store is ‘non-ablative’. That means it doesn’t burn the skin like every other facial laser. It also means it can be used pretty much anywhere. Face, neck, decolletage, stretch marks, even scars from breast augmentation. But only look for the genuine article. Cheap copy machines do exist and take ages to heal.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are probably one of the most versatile cosmetic treatments available today. But the most important thing is natural shape, volume and definition. And this can be achieved in the hands of expert and experienced health practitioners. In fact, dermal fillers have become the preferred alternative to surgical facelifts as they provide excellent results without the need for downtime and an often painful recovery process. The face is the first area of the body to show the most noticeable signs of ageing as the skin begins to lose structural proteins, fats and moisture but dermal fillers are changing the way patients view the ageing process. Once again, avoid the cheap deals and see a respected clinic for the longest lasting effects, up to two years, who choose only the best products that money can buy.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

It’s not something women often share with each other but Acupulse C02 laser treatment is in high demand amongst women who want to feel more like themselves again. With age, especially after or during menopause, many women experience unpleasant dryness, and less enjoyable intimacy with their partner. It is extremely common for women at this time to experience urinary stress incontinence (USI) too. This is because the lining of the vaginal wall decline in the secretions. The good news is that the Acupulse laser can restore this activity returning sexual pleasure and improved bladder control.

There is absolutely no doubt that there will be further advancements in 2019 and in the years to come but if there’s one thing that doctors are realising it’s that a holistic approach to cosmetic medicine is required if they are to meet the evolving needs of the modern patient.

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