The Importance of Asking Questions Before Dermal Fillers

The Importance of Asking Questions Before Dermal Fillers

In Australia, cosmetic injections are increasingly in popularity due to their non-surgical procedure, minimal downtime and successful results. Men and women can enjoy combating the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, as well as enhancing facial features, such as improving volume in the lips and cheeks.

Of course, with more patients interested in what can be achieved with dermal fillers, it is becoming increasingly important that the risks in the industry are communicated and recognised. Dermal fillers are a medical procedure, which means that they should be carried out by a qualified doctor or supervised nurse. In addition, the materials of the dermal fillers should be approved by the TGA. Without these elements, patients are at risk and may not enjoy the results they were hoping for.

It is not enough to assume that these elements will be provided by every clinic offering dermal fillers. This means that it is essential that patients ask questions during their consultation to ensure they know more about the procedure and whether they should go ahead with the treatment. Questions patients should ask at their consultation include who will be performing the procedure and their experience level, what products will be used and what the risks are associated with dermal fillers.

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