Skin Tightening

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Skin tightening treatments using energy based devices

What are skin tightening treatments?

These non surgical rejuvenation treatments involve the use of various machines with different wavelengths, such as ultrasound or radio waves, to provide energy in the form of precise and controlled heating of the skin and deeper underlying tissues. Ultrasound energy can penetrate the deepest, up to 4.5mm. This then leads to collagen coagulation and contraction and remodelling at specific depths to tighten and “lift” the tissues of the face and body.

    Energy based devices are used to treat
  • Lower face sagging and “jowls”
  • Droopy upper eyelids and brows
  • Loose skin on the neck and under the chin
  • Loose skin and wrinkles on knees and upper arms
  • Chest wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
What does the treatment involve and what to expect?

Skin tightening treatments are truly “lunch time procedures”, walk in and walk out, with virtually zero recovery or downtime. A hand piece is guided across the skin surface, firing pulses of energy into the tissues below the skin, thereby mostly sparing any skin surface effects. There may be some mild redness and minimal swelling which settles within hours. Rarely there may be some side effects of bruising, and nerve damage such as numbness, which may take weeks to recover.
The procedure is well tolerated without the need for any significant pain relief.

Usually only 1-2 treatments sessions are required to achieve results, depending on the severity of laxity and sagging. Skin tightening treatments are ideally suited to those individuals with only mild to moderate skin laxity, who are not yet ready for a surgical lift, or those who want to prevent future skin sag and droop. The tightening and lifting effect starts to become visible after 3 months, and continues to improve over the next 6 – 12 months.

Ideally maintenance treatments can then be done every 12 – 24 months.