Searching for a Cosmetic Doctor – A Patient’s Guide

Searching for a Cosmetic Doctor – A Patient’s Guide

Knowing what to look for in a cosmetic doctor will go a long way in enhancing the results of your treatments.

The whole point of getting injectable treatments is to enhance your features in the most subtle and natural way possible. Unfortunately, poor injection techniques can leave you with unsatisfactory results for several months after your treatment, which only further damages your self-esteem.

Even though injectable treatments are minimally invasive, the experience and skills of your injector still play a leading role in achieving your desired result.

Why Injectable Treatments Require Specific Skills

A growing number of medical spas and cosmetic clinics now offer injectable treatments. There are even dentists and gynaecologists who offer cosmetic injections at their offices, strange though it may seem.

Specific training and skills are required to safely and effectively administer cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers. Injectable treatments have become increasingly popular. Problem is, the public doesn’t get the right information about making choices who to go to, and what treatments are best for them

There are a few things that you need to look out for as you begin your search for a cosmetic doctor.

Choosing a Cosmetic Doctor

Here are 5 key things to pay attention to as you begin your search for the right cosmetic doctor.

1. Experience and Training

There are too many injectors out there who received their training over the course of a weekend – this is not nearly enough to be able to safely and confidently offer cosmetic injectable treatments.

These types of short courses don’t offer enough practical experience. Basically, their first patients are guinea pigs. And things can go terribly wrong in these instances.

CPCA-certified doctors have the relevant qualifications and experience in general medicine and have received specific training on how best to safely and effectively administer injectable cosmetic treatments. CPCA doctors understand that the importance of maintaining long-term therapeutic relationships with their patients.

Ask your doctor about their training and experience with injectable treatments before you go any further.

2. Pricing

It’s always tempting to save money but choosing a cosmetic doctor based on price alone is never the right approach. Price is almost always a direct reflection of expertise, training and the facilities.

Higher prices can also indicate that you can expect your consultation and examination to be thorough and provide you with choices, explanations and expectations of any potential treatments.

Choosing low price deals can be persuasive, but remember, the most common reasons for low price, are lower quality and value.

3. Range of Treatments

When it comes to cosmetic injectable treatments, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why it’s better to select a medical practice that offers a wider range of treatments. It is only after your skin has been evaluated by an expert and you have discussed your aesthetic goals with your doctor that a treatment plan can be recommended. If your doctor only offers one or two cosmetic treatments, it might mean that you won’t be receiving the treatments that are right for you.

4. Before and After Photos

The best way to know who to choose is by word of mouth. Relying on before and after photos is not recommended. Most likely you will only be shown ‘best’ outcomes. And no one person is the same as the next, so comparisons of procedures by photographs with different light settings, distance from subject, altered images and with/without makeup are definitely misleading. Your cosmetic doctor must be able to demonstrate upon you in the office while examining you, what can be achieved. Your cosmetic doctor will listen to your expectations and if these are beyond reasonable likelihood, honestly provide what outcomes are possible with your particular features.

5. Transparency

Transparency is an incredibly important trait in a doctor and is always something you should look for during your search. A reputable doctor is always transparent about treatments and processes as this indicates that they see you as a patient, not a client. That means you come first. A trustworthy doctor will always disclose the names of the products they will be using and the risks associated with each of their treatments. The right doctor will also be completely upfront about their training and experience.

The idea of achieving a more youthful and radiant appearance is certainly exciting but the only way to truly enjoy the results of your injectable treatments is to find the right doctor first.
Cosmetic medicine is often not just a one-off visit. Look for someone you feel comfortable with, so that as you age, your cosmetic doctor will accompany you on this journey often over several years, every now and then.

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