Scam Alert | Be Aware of This Website

Scam Alert | Be Aware of This Website


We have become aware that a website exists that is taking bookings and payments for cosmetic clinics in Melbourne and Sydney without the knowledge of the cosmetic clinic. The website is  If you click on the link or go to the webpage you can see a list of the clinics they claim to represent.

If your clinic appears on the website and you have not authorised them to take bookings or payment on your behalf, you should put a message up on your social media and website, and consider contacting your patients to ensure that they only book directly with your clinic in the usual manner. Additionally, if your clinic is listed, contact ACCC and Scamwatch to issue a ‘take down’ notice to the hosting provider. The ACCC will contact the hosting provider for them to take it down.

The Emvana website has many inaccuracies and advertising breaches on the page and unfortunately takes ‘copy’ directly from the affected business webpages, so it appears as if the clinic has authorised the use of their content. The website requires full prepayment for procedures and this is likely to cause difficulties with people that have made bookings and paid for treatments they believe to be with one of the listed clinics.

The CPCA is looking into the appropriate action to take and liaising with the other Colleges as this matter affects us all.

Dr David Kosenko
President CPCA

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