Mastering Difficult Interactions with Patients



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Mastering Difficult Interactions with Patients


A solution focused approach to enhancing the effectiveness and ease of dealing with difficult patient interactions

Difficult patient interactions are often the biggest stressors for healthcare professionals, yet the responsibility of many clinical jobs makes these encounters unavoidable. Without training and skills, many professionals either surrender to the aggressor or find it difficult to communicate their point of view for fear of escalating conflict.

Mastering Difficult Interactions with Patients is a practical skills development workshop designed to give healthcare professionals competence in effectively handling difficult patient interactions.

This workshop explores the causes of difficult interactions and the specific challenges faced by clinicians. It teaches how to look past words and emotion to understand patients’ motivations and meaning.

Difficult interactions will never be totally stress-free, and the workshop examines ‘survival’ techniques to reduce stress and ensure ongoing improvement.

Course Outcomes

The Mastering Difficult Interactions with Patients workshop will provide you with the skills to:

  • connect with what makes people and situations ‘difficult’
  • improve communication and negotiating skills to effectively handle difficult discussions and situations
  • provide feedback as a coach, not a referee
  • apply techniques for minimising conflict
  • understand what motivates people to change
  • examine the stages of change, how to move people along and strategies for dealing with resistance to change
  • use personal ‘survival’ techniques that improve skills and minimise stress.

Using Cognitive Institute’s S.O.L.V.E.© model; participants will learn a proven step-by-step approach for handling problems that keeps both parties focused on a solution.