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Registered medical practitioners who are engaged in any form of practice are required to participate regularly in Continued Professional Development (CPD) that is relevant to their scope of practice so that they may maintain professional currency, improve and broaden their knowledge, expertise and competence, and develop the personal and professional qualities required throughout their professional lives.

An updated and approved Medical Board of Australia (MDA) Registration Standard became effective from 1st January 2023.  This Registration Standard requires, among other things, that medical practitioners meet, in each calendar year, the requirements of a CPD program of a CPD home that is accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

With the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) already having in place for its members, a CPD Management System: The CPD Wizard, the obvious action to take was for The College to apply to the AMC to become a registered, accredited CPD home.  This application is currently pending approval (current as of May – August 2023) and further updates will be provided in this space as they become available.

The CPD home is to have appropriate context and governance structures, expertise, and resources to provide CPD program(s) that support medical practitioners and meaningful professional development in accordance with the MBA Registration Standard. Effective systems, policies, and processes will be in place to ensure this.

The home is to provide clear information about the annual minimum CPD requirements and its CPD program(s) that will enable medical practitioners to meet these requirements.  A dedicated online platform/CPD management system, complete with quality assured and recommended CPD resources, is provided along with an explanation of any associated costs to use the system.

The CPCA CPD home will provide medical practitioners with support and guidance and help them to identify high quality CPD activities that support development across the breadth of their scope(s) of practice.

The CPD home will provide assurance to the community that practitioners’ CPD is designed to improve their practice.

The CPD home will be subject to periodical audits to ensure compliance with the Medical Board of Australia’s and the Australian Medical Council’s accreditation requirements.

All medical practitioners are required to meet the requirements of the Registration standard: Continuing professional development (CPD), except for:

  • Medical students.
  • Interns in accredited intern training programs and doctors in postgraduate year 2 positions who are participating in a structured program that leads to a certificate of completion.
  • Medical practitioners who have limited registration in the public interest or limited registration for teaching or research (to demonstrate a procedure or participate in a workshop) and who have been granted registration for no more than four weeks.
  • Medical practitioners who are granted an exemption or variation from this standard by their CPD home in relation to continuous absence from practice of at least six months and up to and including 12 months for parental or carer leave, serios illness or other approved circumstances.
  • Medical practitioners with non-practising registration
         – For specialist trainees, their CPD home will be the accredited specialist medical college for their training position, and they will meet the CPD requirements by participating in an accredited specialist training program.
         – For specialist international medical graduates under assessment, their CPD home will be the accredited specialist medical college undertaking their assessment.

Currently, the annual CPCA CPD home and program requirement for medical practitioners, who do not fall into the above exceptions, are in accordance with the MBA Registration Standard and are outlined below:

Prepare a Professional Development Plan (PDP) for the coming calendar year.
Build into this plan:

» Minimum requirements of 50 hours of CPD, spread across the following categories:

 • 5 hrs min. Measuring Outcomes  
        and combined:  25 hours
    5 hrs min. Reviewing Performance      
 Educational Activities:      12.5 hours 
 Other:  12.5 hours
  TOTAL 50.0 hours 


» CPD Home Program-level requirements that address the following areas:
   • Culturally safe practice,
   • Health inequities,
   • Professionalism,
   • Ethics, and
   • Other aspects.

At a glance:

Here you will have an insight into the CPCA online platform where you can prepare your annual professional development plan, record your performed activities to date and analyse your progress to achieving planned outcomes.
We like to refer to this as the ‘CPD Tracker’.
Please view the video below to see how easy it is to:
  • Set up your profile and upload any historical records brought over from another CPD home,
  • Review categorised activity resources (the library) for inspiration and assistance with the preparation of your annual Professional Development Plan.
  • Record your performed CPD activity as it happens, including activity outcome results and your evaluation/performance review notes.
  • Track, analyse and assess your full activity year to date and view pending activities to insure you are on track to meeting all the minimum requirements.
  • Communicate with the CPD administrator and, or the CPD Committee for support, etc.
Having reviewed and satisfied yourself that the CPCA CPD home structure and governance committee, policies and procedures, along with the online CPD management system, is suitable for your needs, we invite you to join now and commence using this convenient CPCA Management System without delay.  Be up and running in 5 minutes…