Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Medicine Units

GCMPCM01 - Analyse the principles of cosmetic medicine
This unit provides the underpinning knowledge to prepare the doctor for cosmetic practice as a cosmetic physician. There is a focus on multi-disciplinary practice examining the scope of practice for each cosmetic professional, including allied health workers who further support cosmetic patients. Lectures encompass the governance surrounding cosmetic practice with attention to appropriate marketing strategies, medical indemnity and the cosmetic physician’s role in a supervisory capacity. This unit is applied by medical doctors within a cosmetic medical context.
GCMRPA01 - Review patient consultation and assessment strategie
This unit covers the foundation skills to ensure thorough and effective consultation strategies are adopted in aesthetic practice. The lectures provide a step-by-step guide in assessment strategies as part of a holistic consultation including referral, informed consent, written and photo documentation and other information to support positive patient outcomes. Lectures also explore the various patient management systems currently used in aesthetics, and how they can tie together all aspects of patient assessment and consultation to ensure best practice. This unit is applied by medical doctors within a cosmetic medical context.
GCMAPD01 - Apply principles of dermatology to cosmetic medicine
This unit evaluates the principles of dermatology for application to cosmetic practice. Lectures explore both cosmetic and dermatological skin conditions with a focus on developing a holistic treatment plan based on a multi-modality approach including dermal therapies and prescription topical and systemic medications. Doctors will gain a sound understanding of the cutaneous manifestation of systemic diseases, differential diagnosis of skin disorders, dispensing over the counter, prescription skin care, non-ionising cosmetic devices and epidermal resurfacing techniques. This unit is applied by medical doctors within a cosmetic medical context.
GCMPAI01 - Prepare for and administer cosmetic injectable medications
This unit provides doctors with the underpinning theoretical knowledge and skills development for prescribing and administering basic cosmetic injectable procedures. Learning covers the standard protocols for best practice using cosmetic neurotoxins and a range of dermal fillers. Knowledge will be developed in facial anatomy, rheology, pharmacology and absolute and relative contraindications. Clinical skills will be developed through supervised case studies requiring consultation, informed consent, facial analysis, product selection, dosage and patient aftercare advice to ensure a complete and effective cosmetic medical service.
HLTINF005 - Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments
This unit ensures Doctors hold essential knowledge and skills to maintain infection prevention in all areas associated with cosmetic medical procedures. Lectures focus on current hygiene standards and regulations and the principles of infection prevention in a cosmetic medical context. This unit is divided into a theory and a practical component. The practical competencies are demonstrated and assessed as part of the hands-on practical training.