Expert dry skin tips with Dr. Keturah Hoffman

Expert dry skin tips with Dr. Keturah Hoffman

Dry skin can be uncomfortable and even cause a bit of discomfort. From feeling tight and itchy to looking irritated and flaky, dry skin can frustrate and irritate when it doesn’t respond to the skincare products that you are using. The winter months can be particularly hard on our skin as we spend more time being exposed to cold dry air.

With almost countless over-the-counter solutions to treat any number of skin concerns, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right products to treat your dry skin.
There can be the temptation to reach for the wrong products, based on marketing tactics that convince us we need to exfoliate to resolve dry flaky skin. However, Dr. Keturah Hoffman says, “Dry skin may seem like it needs exfoliation, but this is not always the case. So be wary of too much scrubbing to try to get the flaky bits off, as this may be counterproductive.”

Instead, Dr. Hoffman recommends that sufferers of dry skin seek out “cleansers with nourishing or emollient ingredients such as natural oils like rosehip.” The goal is to remove any accumulated dirt from the skin, rather than to scrub it until it’s shiny and squeaky clean. Skin cleansers that are cream-based and contain very little detergent tend to be more gentle and hydrating for your irritated skin.

There are a number of great solutions that can help your skin look and feel its best all through the winter and into the spring.

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