New CPCA WhatsApp community group – CPCA GLOBAL

New CPCA WhatsApp community group – CPCA GLOBAL

The CPCA is pleased to introduce the new WhatsApp community group, CPCA Global! All financial College members are invited to join the group without delay to ensure they do not miss out on receiving NEWS as it BREAKS!

  • Receive important College announcements/broadcasts in real time

Under the umbrella of the WhatsApp community group, CPCA Global, the member will find sub-groups they may wish to join:

  • The official CPCA Chat Forum where members can connect with their peers in a private and secure platform, (replacement for the Fizz Messenger Group)
    • And sub-groups created by members

And, in time, the member will find a choice of other fit-for-purpose, optional-to-join groups, for example:

  • (State) CPD or Journal Club Groups,
  • The Graduate Certificate Registrar Support Group,
  • The Graduate Diploma Registrar Support Group,
  • The Public Speaking & Publisher’s Group,

Members who find themselves volunteering on the Board or in College Committees will also have the convenience of a dedicated WhatsApp group in which to interact with other committee members.

  • The Board,
  • The CPD Committee,
  • The CosDoc Committee,
  • Etc.

To join this College WhatsApp community group, CPCA Global, a member is required to:

  • Be a 22/23 financial member and maintain annual membership
  • Abide by the College’s Social Media Policy
  • Respect others’ opinions and privacy
  • Have a WhatsApp-compatible device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.
  • Add the College to your regular mobile phone contact list:  CPCA +61487889238
  • Set up your own WhatsApp account on your device, if you haven’t already (download for free from the Apple Store, Play Store, etc)
  • Set up your account profile with a photograph of yourself and ensure your username matches your CPCA membership name and is recognisable by other members
  • Log into WhatsApp, open Chat box, see if the CPCA appears in your WhatsApp Contact list (this depends on whether or not you have added the CPCA to your phone Contact list.  Send the College a request to join with us.  Another option is to…

Share your WhatsApp QR code via email to .  The QR code can be found within your WhatsApp ‘Settings’, right next to your name/profile (see example below).  Tap on this icon to open and expose the QR Code. Opt to share per above.  Allow a business day (while we are in this new set-up phrase) to be accepted into the group.  Once you are a part of the ‘Community’, look for the CHAT FORUM group, send a request to join this also (optional).

Example of where you can find the QR code

Please make sure to follow our CPCA Social Media Policy
and WhatsApp Group Rules (click on the links to view)
We look forward to welcoming our members into the group!
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