A Modern Take on Graceful Ageing

A Modern Take on Graceful Ageing

How advancements in cosmetic medicine are giving patients the option to age with dignity and grace.

It’s amazing to see how far we have come in terms of anti-ageing solutions. If we think back to earlier decades, surgery was the go-to option for men and women looking to turn back the clock, which also meant planning for the high cost of surgery, a sometimes painful recovery and time off work.

As cosmetic medicine has evolved, so has the definition of aesthetic appearance, what we used to call ‘beauty’. Patients no longer want to look like someone else, instead, they want treatment options that will enhance their features and leave them with the most natural results possible.

Today’s advanced technology is making it easier and safer to treat specific face, body and skin concerns that incorporate the body’s natural processes to produce the best results. Technology has also been refined to offer high levels of accuracy, which is a big part of why patients are turning to cosmetic medicine instead of surgical procedures to achieve their aesthetic goals.

The Rise of Preventative Treatments

If we consider patient profiles from the past, most men and women were often older and looking to treat existing signs of ageing.

Today, there is a much broader age range, many of whom prefer to prevent signs of ageing instead of having to seek out extensive treatment plans, or even surgery, later on in life. Basically, today’s patients prefer to maintain a more youthful and radiant appearance by pairing a good skincare regime with various aesthetic treatments.

A simple example would be anti-wrinkle injections. Instead of waiting for deep expression lines to start altering their appearance, patients are choosing to use anti-wrinkle injections to relax the muscles that cause these lines and grooves to form.

Where patients were once only seeking treatments from their 40s, it’s now become very common for patients in their 20s and 30s to create custom treatment plans with their doctors that will ensure they can enjoy a smoother, more contoured appearance at any age.

The Doctor’s Role in Setting Realistic Patient Expectations

Patients’ needs and preferences are definitely changing and there’s a greater emphasis on natural results.

There is, however, a slight discrepancy in terms of what patients want to achieve and what’s actually possible – this is where CPCA-certified doctors come in.

While cosmetic treatments are revolutionary and capable of changing lives, they still have their limitations. Results of these treatments are also reliant of a patient’s ability to follow the correct aftercare instructions and on their body’s unique reaction to every treatment.

No two people are the same and it’s crucial for patients to understand this before a new treatment plan is undertaken.

CPCA-certified doctors have a responsibility to help patients set realistic expectations before commencing with a procedure and it all starts with the consultation and examination of the patient’s concerns. And there’s no easy way for this to be done, other than in the physical presence of the doctor who is responsible for your care. Patients are often so focused on the end result that they aren’t made aware of what needs to happen before that result can be achieved.

During a consultation, it’s incredibly important to cover aspects such as side effects, when patients can expect to see results, the factors that can affect results and what they can do from their side to ensure the best possible outcome.

Making the decision to offer more thorough consultations, even for a basic treatment such as anti-wrinkle injections, it’s essential for the treating doctor to see which muscle groups are involved and the precise positioning and dosage of each injection. The wrong place and the wrong dose can mean dropped brow, asymmetric smile, or lazy eyelid that will last a month or more. While not all doctors are keen on this idea, the benefits far outweigh any cons. The happier patients are with their experience and results, the more likely it is that they will return for further treatments and recommend you to friends, family and acquaintances.

Thorough consultations are a win for both parties and will go a long way in changing the way patients view cosmetic medicine.

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